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Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 4:27 pm Post subject: razor burn and rash on bikini line areas


Shaving down under the bikini line, and other sensitive female areas and parts can be a real challange. The armpits and legs have been shaved for decades but the genital/vaginal region is becoming the rule rather than the exception.

The sources of razor burn and rash involve many factors and the cure/remedy (and more importantly, its prevention) takes time to apply consistently. There is no single treatment but a few different types of treatments that must be used to avoid razor burn and rash, and keep razor burn and rash from returning.

Prevention is always easier than the cure. Shave in or after a hot shower or bath helps because it softens the hairs and makes them stand up. Do it at the end of the bath, so they get to soak for a long time. Use adequate shaving cream lathered onto the areas to be shaved, and shave with a motion with the direction of hair growth. During your shave, use Razor Gator to keep a clean edge and remove gunk buildup while you shave. The razor gunk that gets caught in the blades creates more friction and also this gunk gets scraped into microabrasions that are created when you shave.

Shave over areas only once when possible and do not apply too much pressure which can cause increased friction and scraping.

Razor bumps (a more fancy term is psuedofollicular barbae) are bumps that develop on the shaved face or other areas which are sometimes associated with razor burn but not always--hair curls back under the shaved skin and create ingrown hair effect--and becoming infected.

What should one do if they have razor burn already? What are the treatments and remedy for razor burn?
if severe, stop shaving for a period of time if you can. There are many over the counter remedies that can be applied to sooth and help heal the areas affected. Sometimes, an area becomes severely infected and oral antibiotics may be needed. The application of plain alcohol, or alcohol heavy aftershaves can increase irritation and drying so be cautious.

There is no quick cures but a combination of preventative measures and attention to the importance of shaving and its methods and using a clean razor throughout will help remedy those with a history of problematic razor burn.

Razor Gator will help reduce razor burn because it keeps the blades of your razor cleaned of noxious razor gunk which builds up while you are shaving. Shaving Smooth is the goal. www.razor-gator.com



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