Razor Gator® is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool.
Razor Gator keeps your disposable razor running smooth no matter where you drive it.
razor gator razor extender extends the life of razors and reduces razor burn and rash
Disposable Razors

Razor Gator cleans disposable razors. Eliminates disposable razor gunk. Get a great, close shave with a disposable razor with Razor Gator!

Disposable Razor

Prevent Razor Burn, Razor Rash, and Razor Bumps on this disposable razor and other disposable razors caused by razor gunk.Disposable razors have been around for a hundred years or so. King Camp Gillette's design and the first company he formed, the American Safety Razor Corporation, did a good
job of keeping men's faces clean shaven. But back in those days, if you were a female who shaved her legs smooth--you were accused of being a woman of ill repute. Don't even think about the armpits, that was two decades later. A man shaving anything but his face would be accused of being "effeminate". Today, men and women alike use their disposable razors to do just about anything. Problem is, disposable razors haven't changed much since their original design, except for the fact that every few years, they add another blade. Or another smooth strip with aloe. Increased blade friction plus increased amounts of shaving areas today has lead to serious problems with razor burns and rashes. There are many remedies and
treatments for razor burn caused by disposable razors, but preventing these skin rashes from starting is the best remedy. Disposible razors were not really designed to handle today's razor gunk* load. That's where Razor Gator Cleaning Tool can help. Razor Gator is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool, specifically designed to eliminate razor gunk that accumulates on your blade during your shave. It keeps your blade edge clean and reducing skin friction, preventing razor burn, razor rash and razor bumps. Keep your edge. Lather up. Shave smooth. Don't worry, you've got Razor Gator.


Razor Gator is not associated with the University of Florida Gators, Gatorade, or RazorGator Ticket Sales.

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