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Gators VS. Crocs
Jake the Razor Gator VS. The Crocodile

The Florida Gator is one of the state’s favorite and most notorious animals. Florida Gators are beautiful creatures and a part of Florida’s native habitat. The University of Florida at Gainesville felt the Gator represented the ideal symbol of strength and tenacity and thus the Florida Gators Football team was born.

There is always confusion among Floridians and non-Floridians about the identification of and the differences between alligators and crocodiles. So how does one tell the difference between gators and crocs?

For those visitors who want to learn more about the differences and similarities, we’ve made a head to head comparison of the dinosaur reptiles of florida’s waterways.



Size–Gators average 13-14 Feet long, Crocs often 15 Feet long.

Color–Gators are green-black, Crocs are brownish olive

Homes–Aligators live within small vegetation mounds which the gator builds themselves; crocodiles live in mud of the brackish water regions

Snouts–Aligators snouts have a wide "u" shaped snout; Crocodiles have "v"shaped snouts which are long and narrow.

Smile–Gators teeth are usually hidden when the mouth is closed except for "Jake", the Razor Gator, who has serious chompers and is proud to display them; Crocs shut mouth appears to make a smile with visible teeth.

Now you know the differences between a Alligator and a crocodile. Later gator. In awhile crocodile.



Razor Gator is not associated with the University of Florida Gators, Gatorade, or RazorGator Ticket Sales.

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