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Shaving Facts and Statistics

Shaving Facts for Men

Men’s facial hair grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month (6 inches per year).

The average man’s face contains anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 whiskers.

Facial hair growth rate varies with each man and it even differs with each area on a man’s face.

The average man will spend 60 hours shaving each year.

A man spends 3,300 hours or 138 days of his life shaving his whiskers.

On average it takes a man between 100 and 600 strokes to shave his entire face.

For men, it would take roughly 16 years of shaving to collect together one pound of hair clippings.

In general, a man removes over 27 feet of hair in his lifetime through shaving alone.

Due to a decrease in body fluids in the morning, you should try to avoid shaving first thing when you wake-up.


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