Razor Gator® is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool.
Razor Gator keeps your disposable razor running smooth no matter where you drive it.
razor gator razor extender extends the life of razors and reduces razor burn and rash
Razor Gator Thwarts Terrorists



In a surprising move Wednesday, the FAA* cleared the Razor Gator Tool to be carried on planes. Razor Gator is the worlds first disposable razor cleaning tool.

We caught up with Bill Smith, an FAA* spokesman who said: “The teeth on the Razor Gator head are sharp enough to scrape off the most fossilized gunk from your razor blades. It also makes for a nice shank, albeit tiny, to be used for protection. Scrape, Sweep, Wipe its Alriiiiight! LOL.”

A bystander, Ben Dover chimed in: “For the love of Christ!!! I’d sooner cut off my own arm than give up my Razor Gator. Thank God someone at the FAA has got some brains.”


*FAA stands for Fueled Aeronatics Association and should not be confused with the Federal Aviation Administration, the “other FAA”. Where this a real emergency, you would be notified where to go and what to do.”


Razor Gator is not associated with the University of Florida Gators, Gatorade, or RazorGator Ticket Sales.
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