Razor Gator® is the world's first disposable razor cleaning tool.
Razor Gator keeps your disposable razor running smooth no matter where you drive it.
razor gator razor extender extends the life of razors and reduces razor burn and rash


Schick, a brand of Energizer Holdings, is a well known manufactuer of safety razors. In Europe, Schick is marketed under the Wilkinson Sword brand instead.

In response to the arms race between Schick and Gillette, a new variation of technological singularity has ironically been proposed. After the invention of the safety razor, it took 75 years for the second blade to be added, then only 15 for the third, and one for the fourth and fifth. Using static analysis, this perfectly matches a hyperbolic curve which reaches infinity in 2015, predicting therefore that by then razors will have an infinite number of blades.



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